Updated the site to use WordPress. It’s advertised as a better alternative to B2, and it works as such. There were a few upgrade hitches, but everything worked after a few hours of tweaking. What I like most about it though, is the Links Manager. I didn’t like depending on Blogroll that much, though I’ve left the link in (in the sidebar) for people who do use it. The Link Manager available with WordPress is a first-class utility (it even includes a Link This! javascript link that I can drag to the Firebird toolbar and click on when I visit an interesting site) and I’ll recommend an update to all B2 users out there just for this feature. Aside from that, I popped in the calendar and the feeds, rearranged some links and viola, I like the Vysnu that I created.

Writing Writing

Writing. So much for yesterday’s post. I decided to take a break from college today (a break from everything really) and having nothing much else to do, I decided to work on the site. For a change, it’s something that I want to do. A word about the section, Writing is not meant for everyone to digest. If you don’t like it, don’t blame me. And, a word as a disclaimer: You should be open enough, and you should think you’re old enough.

And now, for the question of the day. For me, the distance between obligations and stuff-i-like is something like halfway across the universe. Is it so for everyone? (Hint: Click comments to respond.)

Oh, in case you forgot, go here and start reading.

Black Widow

That’s the title of the piece I wrote immediately after I got the entrance results. It basically consisted of a number: Two Eight Five Zero, followed by endless rhetoric about lots of things that I thought relevant then. I read it again last week and what struck me most about it was it’s poignancy. Believe me when I say I can write well. It’s like reliving the moment.

But I don’t need the writing to do that now. I’ve got one suppli – Graphics – for the S12 exams. It’s breaking my bones into two. Don’t expect me until they’ve healed over.


And so, just like that, Unchecked Ramblings gets into another munchy avatar. Permit me some nostalgia: UR One was born early in my days of web logging – early in the days of web logging when it hadn’t grown to quite the fad it is now, but then I was four or five years younger. It was all grey and white and with a cover page I believe (and it was all tables,) but it was still the UR that gave birth to Two and Three – swankier, better versions where I learned a bit more about funny things like HTML, Javascript and CSS.

It got a bit funnier in Four and Five since I learnt things like prefixing X to things (XHTML) and lengthening and confusing the expansions of some others (ECMAScript) and of course, my dear sweet PHP, and sweeter CSS2 and swankier tableless layouts which Tresni first introduced me to. Some might say that Four and Five are retarded brothers of their predecessors – they are right in some ways, but I tend to now think that Less is More.

Clean shiny layouts don’t break under stress. Fast Forwarding from Four, UR stagnated for a while, till I found Koal (which is a CMS I’m still developing) and then it got an XML frontend. Of course, Real Life changed many things. I met some new friends, made a new site, a new log, and then I even bought myself a new domain.

Not forgetting lesser cousins, this is Avatar Seven of Unchecked Ramblings, and sadly I’ll let the name slide. Welcome Vysnu into your midst.

What can you expect?

Daily updates for one. I’ve no excuse now and that’ll help me a lot<g> Vysnu is powered by B2 and that makes for damn easy post composition in a very sleek interface. I sort of really like it. Till I can get Koal up and running the way I want to, I’ll hack the B2 code to get things done. Aside from that, some more content. I know I’ve dropped some hints around here that I write a bit. I do, and I’ll post some of my stuff here, soon. Those stories would probably make me still weirder, but what the hell, I’m too happy about this to care.


Its wonderful. Good writers are like good painters: they are both artists, they work hard at what they do, and they produce things that people like, and both of them leave a lot to Imagination so that the reader (or the viewer) call fill in the gaps in their work.

But what makes writing special is that you don’t have to have “a way with words” to produce good works. Grammar, syntax, style, word-ordering, alliteration, spelling: all this doesn’t have to be accurate for a work to be good. I’ve read many mispelled works on the net that could have
the caliber of professional works once they are polished up. There are so many people who can write, but there are so few people who actually do. Somebody calculated that if you write two hundred words a day (half an A4 side) you can write a novel a year, and that is as much healthy writing as people should tend to do.

Writing is a craft that is a natural progression from reading. If you read a lot, you can write. And if you read a lot lot lot, you can write well. And introspective writing is the best kind. And writing fiction about the places around you is the hardest kind. Writing a good novel also means being sensitive about your reader audience. That in itself is a kind of a contradiction: You write because you want to, but your stories are so because your readers can understand and appreciate it. I struggled with that for quite a while. Most of the stories at Devart are the kind that are vague. People think being deliberately vague is cool: making the reader guess is something you should do. I don’t agree. Using hazy words don’t tend to make your story strong. It just makes you lazy. Details are the spice of life. The more the details the merrier. And tailoring your work to fit the reader is also not a crime. Good writing always means adaptability, though not at the price of a complete U-turn.

Take it from me, writing is a lot more fun than writing about writing. Some links to help you along:

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